Stunning Winning Images of the 2020 Mobile Photography Awards Announced
Great photographs are at our fingertips with the ever-improving camera phones in our pockets. However, no matter the megapixels, it still takes patience and technical skill to create amazing pictures with a smartphone. The 10th annual Mobile Photography Awards (MPA) has announced the winning images across a range of categories in addition to the prestigious titles of Grand Prize Winner and the MPA Photographer of the Year 2020.
Perfect Photos without Photoshop
Photos that you may think has manipulated by Photoshop, but they are not.
Perfect Timing Photos
Shutter pressed on a perfect timing to creative such unique photos.
Those were the Cameras and their Ads 那些年我們一起用過的相機及它們的廣告
Celebrities with Camera
iPhone Photography Awards 2015
Winning Photos
街頭攝影  名言十句
If your photos aren’t good enough, then you’re not close enough. 如果你的照片不夠好, 那表示你還離得不夠近。 Robert Capa 羅伯特.卡帕   Photographers mistake the emotion they feel while taking the photo as a judgment that the photograph is good. 攝影師往往因為主觀的情感投射而誤認自己拍攝的照片都是好的。 Garry Winogrand 加里.維諾蓋德
參考街頭攝影師Eric Kim的感悟,你或許未必會同意每一條,但肯定可以引發我們的思考。
徠卡鏡頭的名字 LEICA Lens Name
淨流 ◎ 鏡像影塵